About Benjamin Landa

The art of collecting has been a family tradition for three generations. Benjamin Landa has assembled a variety of collectibles that would make even the die hard collector jealous. From coins to electric trains to antique nursing bottles to old cameras, we have them and we proudly display for the world to see.

Benjamin Landa is now the prime contributor of his family’s collectibles and he is continuing this venture as his grandfather had been doing from the early 20th century.

Besides assembling these intriguing items of days past, each one has its own history, and as described in these pages, gives a well rounded perspective of how these items were used and some comparisons are made to their counterparts that are manufactured today.

One of Benjamin’s passion is collecting vintage medical items, such as baby nursing bottles. The manner in which these bottles were shaped, along with their history brings to light an intriguing history of why the bottles were manufactured and how they were used.

Quite amazing, as we see how technology has advanced within the last 100 years, which makes these items all the more valuable.

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